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  • georgie reizen Tbilisi is only city in Georgia where there is a big choice of restaurants and cafes, outside the capital you mostly have to search for a hot meal. The traffic in Tbilisi is very dangerous, there are almost no zebra crossings.
  • Exchanging money : there is an ATM cash machine in Rustaveli, the cash point accepts as well VISA credit cards as cards connected to the Cirrus network.
  • Swimming in Tbilisi lake is very popular among Georgians. There is a big new artwork on 70m high pillars with all the Georgian folk heroes and kings standing at the end of the lake from where you also have a panoramic view over Tbilisi.
  • Another place for getting a panoramic view of Tbilisi is from the television towers (the most popular place for wedding photos among tblisians). There is also a great restaurant on top of the towers, for the moment closed because of a dispute between two mafia families.
  • Tbilisi Market : the market West of the train station (metro Vakzal) is enormous, full of women dressed in straw hats. It is probably the biggest market I have ever seen; don't forget the covered part of the market, it's worth a look!
  • Sulphur baths : the touristy pools in the old town are also one of the places locals and others pick up prostitutes. That a Georgian man visits a prostitute every now and then seem to be completely socially accepted. The very religious mother from a very nice family I stayed with in Tbilisi even tried to convince me to go with her son and his friends when they where going out to buy some love.
  • Architectonic park, this park with old style houses looks deserted but there are staff at the foot of the hill , you can get a cable lift from Vake to the Svan towers for 0.4 lari.
  • Prospero`s books : English speaking book shop situated on Rustaveli 32, all travel guides and maps over Georgia are available here, unfortunately everything costs twice as much as in Europe. This is a book shop clearly aimed at ex pats.

Tbilisi budget hotel - hotels

  • Nasi guest rooms : this is the most famous Georgian back packer place. It is situated in the centre, 30/92 Marjanishvili St, 200 metre from Marjanishvili Metro Station. To get to Nasi's from the metro station, take a left and then again left. Nasi speaks german and has place for 10 travelers in old fashioned but spacious rooms, 5$/night, if you want a hot shower you have to pay extra. He has a good travelers info book with many tips. This is a good place to get into contact with other travelers.
  • Khatuna home stay : Chitaiya street 12 (used to be Soviet street), situated between the Tbilisi train station and Marjanishvili metro. Khatuna is a friendly woman who offers rooms, apparently she is well known among Japanese back packers. 8 lari per night, shower included.
  • Iveria hotel : The cheapest hotel in Tbilisi, situated right in the centre on Rustaveli, 20$ for a double room. The Abkhazian refugees that have lived here for a very long time have now moved. There is always water and electricity available thanks to the central position in Tbilisi.