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Russian visa in Tbilisi

  • georgie reizenRussian consulate : in Tbilisi, Chavchavadze 53, phone 964458, take bus no 170 from Rustavi in the direction of Vake until the end stop; the consulate of Russia is situated on the other side of the street, open 9.15-13:00, visas are to be collected at 15:00.
  • Cost for Russian visa : for a 6 month Russian business visa they ask a "very cheap" 100$; ready in 3 days. In Armenia ( the same visa cost 500$. If you have time to wait you can even get your visa to Russia for 75$; in Armenia the minimum price was 160$ and meant waiting 16 working days.
  • Requests for 6 months Russian business visa :
    • Original (fax not accepted!) of the invitation (I booked for 140$ at Infinity Russian Visa, they had good service. 40$ extra for UPS sending of the original invitation), see my big selection of companies on Travel Guide Russia.
    • Aids certificate : this certificate that proves that you don't have aids can be obtained in Tbilisi in one day in the Aids clinic for 12 lari. Take bus no 2 from Rustaveli to the Central Republic Clinic, from there it's only a couple of hundred metres walk to the "Spida" (=aids in Russian) centre on Kazbegi street.
    • Proof of insurance covering travels in Russia : a fax of your insurance agreement from your insurance company is enough.
  • For more information about travel in Russia, see the Travel guide Russia.