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travel to Kobuleti

  • georgie reizenSights in Kobuleti : this is the youth beach of Georgia (Batumi is more a city with a stone beach full of families, during the high season from 1 july until 15 september everything is full. None of the hotels, hostels or guesthouses in Kobuleti have a board outside but they are all situated next to each other along the side of the little park that borders to the beach. The atmosphere in Kobuleti must be very nice with all the terraces along the promenade. More than a Georgian beach holiday camp is there not here unfortunately, outside the summer season the village is deserted with most of the shops closed.
  • Budget hotel - hotels in Kobuleti
    • Armaz hotel : phone 66188, 150 beds although the hotel doesn't look so big. This is a real guesthouse - hostel, it's new with proper rooms for 2-3-4 persons. The building is a clean white 2 story house with red window frames. It has a nice and funny atmosphere and is the only hostel of this kind that I have found in Georgia. 20 lari per room, along the costal way no 358, reserve as early as possible during high season.
    • Intourist hotel : It's not worth the effort even to go and have a look at the rooms of this over priced 15 floors high hotel. Ok, it has view on the sea but for 50/100 L (and 80/100$ in high season !) I would expect a lot more.
  • Travel by public transport : bus to Kobuleti : catch one of the many busses that pass the quarter of hotel Armaz and there turn in the direction of Batumi.