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travel to Kutaisi

  • georgie reizenMotsameta monastery : 5 kilometre from Kutaisi. The monastery and church is beautifully surrounded by forest, but inside there is nothing to see. From the higher parts of town you can walk there along the train line, from where you have a nice view. Next to the entrance of the church you can descend to a swim place along the Rioni river.
  • Private museum : in Kliadashvili 131 (reachable by bus 13 from the theater in the centre of Kutaisi) has an old man set up his own ethnographical museum. The museum consists of Georgian tools and everyday material that he has made himself in his workshop after originals he has seen on pictures in Georgian history books. Lots of fun to be the guest of this friendly and original man.
  • Safety in Kutaisi - thieves : Kutaisi, the second biggest city of Georgia is at the moment suffering from an economical crisis. The city and particularly the public transport is filled with thieves that unembarrassed go through the content of your pockets. Almost every bus ride I had somebody in my pockets, they are absolutely not professional and very easy to notice, but there is also no social control since nobody else said anything or seemed to want to get involved or help me. The police is keeping themselves busy on the street getting money from the drivers. In Tbilisi and in the rest of the country have I not had any problems with thieves, although it is well known that Tbilisi also has it's share of them.
  • Budget Hotel Central : Soviet hotel full of refugees, water in buckets in the room, dirty toilet at the end of the hall of the refugees, the room is a big Soviet style room, 12 lari per night.
  • Travel by public transport : the Mashrutka Mini bus Kutaisi - Tbilisi, 3.5 hour drive, 7 lari.
  • Gerlati monastery : you get there by public transport from Kutaisi. the Mashrutka mini bus from Kutaisi to Gelati leaves at 14:00 and returns at 16:00. There is drinkable well water next to the Gelati church.
  • Internet cafe in Kutaisi : in Tamara street 100m from the theater. 2 lari per hour, new internet cafe on the upper side of "ARKA tour".
  • Exchanging money in Kutaisi : there are many exchange offices with good exchange rate in the central bus station of Kutaisi. There is one modern bank on the square in front of the theater.
  • Kutaisi city : Mini bus 1 takes you from the theater to the bus station.