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Travel to Tuva

russia travel- travel by public transport : the bus from Krasnoyarsk arrives in the busstation of Abakan From there you have to continue with the citybus four stops to the trainstation where you have to catch a third bus to Kyzyl. The Kyzyl bus departs at 8:30 and at 19:00, 7hours. 220 Rubel + 56 Rubel for the baggage. It's an old often overcrowded bus with extra passengers that spend the whole night standing. The nightbus arrives at 4:15 in Kyzyl which is a very annoying time since the city is not very safe, from 5:00 the warm busstation is open. You can also take a taxi from Abakan to Kyzyl, very confortable of course but 400-500 Rubel, 5 hours.

- Voor meer informatie over reizen in Tuva, zie de Reisgids Tuva.