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Travel to Tobolsk

rusland reizen- sights : the Kremlin is beautiful and the panoramic view from the backside of the lower part of the old wooden city is very peaceful, unless you get attaced by mosquitos.
- money, exchange : to exchange money in Tobolsk is not so easy, the banks give bad rates and most of them are closed during the weekend. If you have to exchange money during the weekend you better try the black market. I got from one of the clothes shops in the Univermag a better rate than what the bank was offering; 31.4 Rubel for one dollar. There is a cash point on the first floor of the Univermag, it has the Visa/Cirrus symbols but did not work when I tried.
- internet : next to the Dramoe Teatr, bus no 4 passes here, is a cheapie; 24 Rubel per hour.
- mosquitoes : when the temperature starts to rise in the summer Tobolsk is invaded by mosquitoes. During the night you can easily kill them with an electric mosquitoe repellant evaporator but in the daytime it can be quite unbearable at times. Hope for a lot of wind that helps to keep them away... - restaurants : there is a good cafe next to the rynok (market). The restaurant under hotel Sibir is in the evenings often rented for private wedding- and other parties. In the summer there are surprisingly many food stalls in the train station serving fresh babouska food which makes it an excellent place to get a cheap and delisious dinner also if you don't have to catch a train.
- hotels and accomodation : Hotel Sibir is situated opposite the Kremlin. The room prices vary but start at 190 Rubel including breakfast.
- arrival : from the boat terminal bus number 6 takes you to the Kremlin. The bus is most of the time packed with people and doesn't go very frequently, by foot it takes about 30, so if you are on the way to Omsk and have an inbetween stop of 1,5 hour and want to see the Kremlin it's better to take a taxi.

- travel with the train : Tobolsk - Tyumen; 120 Rubel for platskartna, four hours. Tyumen - Krasnoyarsk; 1085 Rubel in kupe, 28 hours.