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dubai arab emirates travel- Sharjah islam museum : the coin collection is not very interesting because of a total lack of information but the house on the inner court where you can learn a lot about the origin of the Kaaba and all the rituals during the Hajj was well worth a visit. Nearby there is an old and nicely restaured souq.

- Desert Park : about 35 kilometers from Sharjah in the direction of Fujairah you find the "Desert Park" a big complex with several activities to visit. the natural history museum is not very interesting a bit school like way of presenting the information. The zoo on the other hand is well worth a visit. Although I don't really like animals locked up in cages this zoo has a very interesting couple of hundered animals that I have never seen before, not even on photos. They are all animals that inbabit the desert and only come out of their hiding places at night, and are even then you need a lot of luck to catch a sight of them. There are snakes, scorpiones, desert cats, foxes, hyenas, desert dogs, panters and much more. the zoo itself is very modern and professional with a dark "night" section.

- hotel - hostels : you can find plenty of hotels in Sharjah. If you are sticking to a tighter budget and want to stay in a youth hostel there is one in sharjah, but unless you want to stay for several days there its not really worth the effort. First of all it's not reachable by public transport, secondary the youth hostel in Dubai is a lot cosier and the distance between Dubai and Sharjah is only 10 kilometers (the distance between the two youth hostels is only 5 kilometer).

- travel with public transport from Dubai to Sharjah : there are no buses between Dubai and Sharjah but, knowing this, lots of taxidrivers are constantly waiting around for passengers for this route.