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dubai arab emirates travel- tax-free : I saw only one tax-free shop when I arrived in Dubai International Airport but there has got to be a very big tax-free shopping complex hiding somewhere around. The shop I found sold alcohol which could be a good idea to buy there if you think that you will want to consume alcohol during your stay in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. Beer, wine and alcohol is not openly sold anywhere in the Emirates.

- money, currency : the local currency is Dirham. 1 $ = 3.6 Dirham, 1 Euro = 3.047 Dirham (February 2002). There is a cashpoint in the Dubai International Airport arrival hall with a Visa/Cirrus connection.

- taxi : watch out, the minimum charge in the area of the Dubai International Airport is 20 Dirham, outside the area 3.5 Dirham. This gets registrated by a GPS-system that via satellite checks the position of the taxi so it can be worth to try to convince the driver only to swich on his meter outside the Airport area.

- bus : there is no bus stop in the International Airport of Dubai, to get to the Dubai Youth Hostel see beneath.

- Flight tickets : flight tickets to and from Dubai can be easily found and purchased all over the United Arab Emirates.