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China Travel information
money, budget and exchange rate for traveling in China, cost for budget hotels and restaurants, language problems with the Chinese language, internet cafes, travel by train on the Chinese rail ways, Chinese visa in Hong Kong, Mongolia en Belgium.

Travel to Beijing
the Chinese wall in Badaling and Simantai, Belgian cafe, Donghuamen market, internet cafes in Beijing, Beijing opera and theater, Hutongs, budget hotels, getting cash and exchanging money, by public transport to Chengdu.

Travel to Dali (Yunnan)
sights, boat and bicycle tours, Xizhou accommodation, bicycle rental, budget hotels in Dali, travel by public transport to Lijiang, Baoshan and Zhongdian

Travel to Lijiang (Yunnan)

sights in the old town of Lijiang, Naxi traditional shows, bus tickets, black dragon pool park and pagode, budget hotels in Lijiang, treks and walking along the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Dong and Miao ethnical villages
sights in the Dong and Miao villages, Dong drum towers, traveling around, budget hotels, travel to Zhaoshing, Congjiang, Kaili, Xining

Travel from Yunnan to Laos
Xishuangbanna villages, travel by public transport (bus) from Yunnan to Laos via Jinghong and Mengla, budget hotels and sights in between

Travel in North West Yunnan
sights, budget hotels, public transport and restaurants in Weixi, Zhongdian en Deqin, walking and walking routes in the mountains around Deqin, treks around the Meili mountain
Travel to Hong Kong
visa for Hong Kong, new Visa for China, budget hotels in Hong Kong, flights and tickets to Europe

Travel to Chengdu (Sichuan)
arrival in Chengdu airport, budget hotels, visiting the Panda Reserve and Zoo, internet cafes, eating Sichuan hot pot, travel from Chengdu to Tibet, Songpan and Chongqing.

Travel to Yangshuo
sights, chalk stone cliffs, boat trips, bicycle rental, budget hotels, travel by public transport (bus) from Yangshuo to Hong Kong

Travel to Kashgar (Xinjiang)
budget hotels, taxi's, national celebration day in China, climate, Kashgar sunday market, Uygur kitchen, internet cafes, Uygur and Chinese market, John cafe restaurant, traditional Uygur music in Kashi Renmin Park

Travel to Kunming (Yunnan)
exchanging money in the bank of China, exchange rate Yuan, budget hotels, bicycle rental, embassy (consulate) Burma en Laos, English corner, vegetarian restaurant, sending parcels by Chinese mail, markets, bicycle trips,climate, travel from Kunming to Dali by public transport.

Horse treks in Songpan
treks by horse in the mountains around Songpan (Sichuan), exchanging money, standard tours and horse treks

Travel to Urumqi (Xinjiang)
travel by public transport from Kashgar to Urumqi (flight, bus, train), sights, budget hotels

Photos China
Photographs from China