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This page gives information and links on how to obtain visa, invitations, letters of support, letter of invitation for visa for Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The links to Governments and Online Visa Services give you the opportunity to make a comparison between travel agencies and their prices for visa support.

Tajikistan Visa

Tourist visa for Tajikistan
Tourist visa can be obtained at Tajik embassies in Europe (Brussels, Vienna, Berlin), in all Central Asian capitals or upon arrival at Dushanbe airport. You can get more information on the visa for Tajikistan at

Travel agencies
You can contact the following agencies for the letter of invitation for Tadjikistan :

Tajikistan embassies in the world
Austria: Universitaetsstrasse 8/1A ; 1090 Vienna; telephone number 1-409 82 66 11
Belgium : Avenue Louise 363 - 365 ; Brussels ; telephone number 02 - 64 069 33
Germany : Otto Suhr Allee 84; 10585 Berlin; telephone number 30 347 93 00
Tashkent: The Tajik embassy in Tashkent will not issue visas to EU passport holders without an LOI (update september 2005).

Some embassies require an invitation letter, others do not - enquire. The price for the visa varies according to the time of delivery required.

Gorno Badakshan (GBAO) requires a special travel permit. It is either on a piece of paper or it is stamped into your passport. It states the districts ("rayon") you are permitted to visit, so make sure you get all you want.
It can be obtained at the Ministry of Interior in Dushanbe or with the help of various tour operators such as The Great Game (, Central Asian Tourism Corporation (CAT), Sayoh ( The price for the permit including service charges varies from 20 US$ to more. Because of the administrative effort, many operators will try to link the obtention of a permit to other services.
Since 2004, the permit can also be obtained upon arrival in Khorog, the capital of GBAO within three days of entering GBAO.

You will still have to register at the various check posts along the road and with OVIR as well as with KGB. The registration fee is 15 US$ plus 15 Tajik Somoni, unless you obtained your permit with the Ministry of Interior, in which case it is for free.

Special permits
Some areas (e.g. Sarez lake) need a particular travel permit (to be obtained at the Ministry of Emergencies) very difficult to obtain. Other areas, in particular along the Afghan and Chinese border, are off limits for tourists or can be visited after obtaining the permission with the local KGB and OVD.

Trekking and mountaineering
A nature fee of 1 US$ per visitor per day has to be paid to the department of Nature Protection for each day of trekking. An altitude fee has to be paid for every day over 6000 m.